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Am here again, fallen but willing to rise,
I stand aloof on the ancient path eager to ask for the old path and walk in it;
The Holy book had advised.

I am the prodigals leanage in moral excellence,
But jangling rags of righteousness could not save
Only the blood can wash the stains off my filthy conscience which righteous deeds could not.

With evanescent hope I recapitulate the ancient words of Jesus;
“I have come to seek and to save that which was lost”
Ah! Could I be the one he left the ninety nine to seek in the valleys of sin chill and low?

The way singers and the abetters
The apostaser and the wayward friends,
All gloom my brow with hopeless message of my fall every time I rise

Left with a convicted, weak conscience
I wept, “the spirit is willing but the body is weak”
Then I heard my saviour saying “I LOVE YOU”

O! What a loving father I’ve heard of
What a gracious, forgiving Savior my Bible praised
And a patiently persistent Spirit I’d craved

I hanker for the hearty herald home
I hallucinate their glories
Like the zebra’s zigzag zephyr zit I refuse to be tamed by sin

“Saved like the criminal on the cross!” my anthem rings
Today I know he won’t turn him out who come to Jesus
I once only heard, but now I’ve tasted it

Do you wanna taste him too?
Yield your old sinful self to him
And carry your cross of self denial
He wont let you down if holy your conscience prove

Written by: Dyk Jirotgak

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