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Walking in the dark forest at night,
Melodious chants and whistling winds tumble in fight,
Keen look, bright lights in the night,
Jungle illumined, south to north, left to right.
Sniffing danger, I took to my heels with all might,
That I may not behold an unsavory sight.
The faster I ran, the harder the dark bit.
Ominous thoughts in my mind, a spinning kite.
Before me, stood silhouettes clad in moonlight.
Alas! I became a condiment of the rite!

In utter fear, I stared at the images in the dark,
Petrified by the ones flowing from the Iroko’s bark
With the speed of a wounded lark,
Feathery sheathed clubs met their mark.
Wracking pains boomed in a million sparks.
My body screamed as I was skinned inside.
I lifted a heavy head and life went blank.
Next thing, I lay on fresh human stack.
So much regrets, too many pains, for choosing Black.
Only blackened hearts see images in the dark!

*The regret filled story of a confraternity initiate, who discovers THE HIDDEN TRUTH on the brutal initiation day.

Written by: Kunle Omope
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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