I OF THE STORM by Efe Ogufere

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Send me the hurricane,
Lend me your rain.
If there is nothing left to gain,
Do i mortgage this pain?

We capture these moments in kodak
To lend a smile when the world is so dark
They say my poems are so black
Sometimes to go forth is to go back.

There are kings and there are pawns,
Who takes the glory when the war is done?
If at dusk, the skies choose to mourn,
The sun would still break a smile at dawn.

Show me all your fears,
Share with me your shy ideas.
Even disaster comes in pairs,
My heart is big enough for your cares

When it rains, it pours.

Listen for the echo in Danny’s voice.
Like thunder and lightning going at war
Together we make the perfect storm.

(Excerpts from the Script’s “Hurricanes)

I OF THE STORM by Efe Ogufere


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