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I know a place-

Where Camels prance and tumble through the eye
Of blunt needles and none asks how or why.
But all know. They see the needle’s bloated eye,
Angry, they say nothing. Afraid, they ask not why?

I know a place-

Where the sheep perish under the Lion’s touch,
Standing in the pen under the shepherd’s watch!
And they marvel not. Did not the Shepherd’s hand
Open the gate? Now the Lion does rule the land!

I know a place-

Where the fingers that smeared the papers of fate
Starve at the hands of them that hold the plate
And if their hungry mouths do angry words throw,
They’ll live not to hear the morrow’s cock crow!

I know a place-

Where the price of wisdom is but a rusty penny
Yet foolishness abounds and the wise be not many.
For the wise ones have eaten the fruits of silence
And the foolish rule with the wisdom of pretense!

Can we not make a place-

Where the glitter of smiling teeth light up the skies
And all eat the apples of Truth at the funeral of Lies.
A place where the collar and the immaculate turban
Whisper together. A beautiful land that knows no ban!

meet the poet: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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