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Here I am,
Born of woman, in perfect glory of God’s image
A symbol of dominion and authority
A pathfinder, father of a nation
That my lineage might not go into extinction
A man, I am!

But, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown
My responsibility constitutes my originality
Though my days are hectic;
I immune myself against future wife’s revolt
A pillar I erect in me
For am destined to be a man!

Alas! I see what ought not to be
Today, many destinies are perverted
Slaves are innumerable in my continent
Only few are real men
For when their instincts have been lost in futility
Where is the man?

My insight is not ignorant of the devil’s devices
Envious he was, of man’s glory from day one
Manipulation of man’s originality, he sought;
Even today, destinies are polluted:
In beer parlours, in prostitute homes…
Gradual steps to the second fall of man

Ask me!
What makes a real man
I’ll show you a life of heroism
He holds self to ransom for his generation
Shies not away from responsibility
The overall manager of God’s resources

With great power, comes great responsibility
Ignorance is no defence!
At this juncture, comes the moment
To distinguish males from men
Men with in-built instinct of heroism
Worthy of the boast “I am a Man!”


Written by: Olajuwon Joseph Olumide

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