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HIDE ME O MUMMY! (for Damini, Indian bus rape victim)

Read Time:1 Minute, 39 Second [Hide Me O Mummy!]
Hide me O Mummy!
Hide me in your arms or hide me in your womb.
Keep me in the safest place or build me a tomb.
I’m scared of the devils – six in the count!
My flesh cringed from my bones as each did mount!
Like a cup of beer they passed me around.
Their scornful laughter – Oh horrifying sound!

Hide me O Mummy!
Hungry wolves, they ate out the heart of this doe,
See, they stamped my face with hard-fisted blows.
I’m now cursed with this life-long woe.
I screamed for help but none could hear!
I pleaded, I begged, I wept in fear.
They murdered my soul with lustful spears!

Hide me O Mummy!
I lost my strength; my skin numb, my inside cold
I sweated the pain my body could not hold.
They left me clothed in blood by the road side,
Dead but alive, with a rod half inside!
Yes, I envy of those who are dead
Oh, someone make a pyre from my bed!

Hide me O Mummy!
I’m bleeding blue; my blood is no more red;
All that’s red in me has been fully bled.
I see their faces in that of every single man;
It is the face of demons, of horned Satan!
So dear Mummy, hide me in your womb once again
And release me for good from this pain…

Written by: Santosh Kumar
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

This poem was inspired by the case of Damini who died on Saturday.
The a 23-year-old Indian student was returning home from a movie and had boarded a bus with a male friend on the night of Dec. 16 2012 when six men, including the bus driver, allegedly beat them up and gang-raped her.
The victims were then thrown out of the bus and left to die.