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It doesn’t take an impressive feat of detection
To guess that we’re heading to an imminent election;

Before very soon we’ll be motoring on the road
To a total explosion of politics overload.

As we swing to the Right and we swing to the Left
We can’t make our minds up who we think is the best:

For Obasanjo will drown us in mounds of statistics
And Buhari will hammer on about why he’s a whiz kid

And Jonathan’ll hedge his bets and go straight down the middle
But we’ll still wonder which of them is still on the fiddle

They’ll peddle fiscal measures as the debt mountain doubles
But who will have the skill to unscramble the muddle?

Is Cable able to work it out? Will Darling be too dear?
Is Buhari’s obfuscation now appearing much more clear?

Is it seen that the Greens are too extreme to be believed?
Is PDP mixing messages too complex to be perceived?

Although there might be something on which all of us agree
There’s far too many dangerous strangers voting APC.

But unless we get some backing to banish voter apathy
We might end up by vanishing beneath some stupid strategy

Where the party that’s the smartest is starting second best
And the donkeys who are chronic are the ones that pass the test.

For the electorate’s disgruntled in this country; it’s a fact
And to earn back public confidence will need a sack of tact

So that the vexed electors all return to ballot boxes
Or we might adopt the options that are dodgy or are toxic

For the Politicians have diseased these elections
With the trend for expenses that they thought would not be questioned

So we’re all disillusioned and our views are polluted
So we need to pursue new solutions to be mooted

To extract higher standards from people who serve
Or this demoralised democracy’ll get what it deserves

I’ve no raging ambition; I’m just stating my position
That what this country’s lusting for is honest politicians

But where we might just find them, I haven’t got a clue
Be they yellow, red or green or pink or white or blue

If we all start thinking that no one shade will do me
We might just be left with Monster Raving Loonies

But I don’t really think that anything will change
When the next lot’s elected; they’ll still be just as strange

For our elected representatives won’t really represent
The views of the electorate to any great extent.

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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