Read Time:42 Second [Dont Speed On Poetry Express]
Poetry is not easy like soup and eba
If a poet must birth Poetry
then the poet needs words, as meanings drop
words to stanzas, stanzas to poems

Poets birth poems
conceive inspiration
wild thoughts into written language
From odes to sonnets
dictions needs personification
paradox salutes metaphor

To rite na learning unto korektion
Yes, sabi na unto learning
As mistake don already happen
Na to take the korektion wey folo
Na only stew fit white rice…

Ear wey wax neva cova
na to listen, only to listen
e supose de do

Arrange ya tots, store di inspirasion
Slow down,
Na to tak am jeje
Speed for express dey kill
Even fo poetry express!

Written by: Williams Danagogo
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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