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One day the Moon said to me
“I will no longer shine on you
For your deeds under my light are dark
And your thoughts under my shade are gloomy”

The next day the Sun whispered to me
“I shall no longer speak to the moon
Neither shall I let him shine
Lest he outshine me and strip me naked”

So today,Fire said to me
“I shall no longer give heat
And my flames shall burn empty
The Earth shall appease the cold”

Then love cried out from her castle
“I shall no longer dwell in man
For man is infatuated with my brother-Hatred
Therefore jealousy shall dine in my castle”

Finally Tommorrow shouted!
“I shall no longer exist for man
In fact I shall no longer be for him a tommorrow
That I may find respite from man’s ignorance of my saving might”

Before Past could speak
I concluded the earth must be crumbling!

“There shall come a day when the Creation shall betray the Created”-Phoenix

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