CHANGE-AIR by Olanrewaju Tajudeen

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How do we breathe?

If the air is in conflict
with our lungs;
the wind, in conflict
with our exhalation current;
heart, in conflict
with our reflex muscles
veins, in conflict
with our flowing blood

How do we live? How do we survive?

Now that the air reeks of stench
from decomposing corpse
of hundreds of thousand poor- felled
from increased bullets of hunger;
machine gun of poverty
and shots taken by a deadly sniper
also known as ‘Agent Corruption’.

How do we live, how do we survive?

How do we live without gasping-
gasping, gasping, gasping
for cleaner air?
other than the polluted change-air?

CHANGE-AIR by Olanrewaju Tajudeen

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