BROKEN VISION by Bankoke Kolawole

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The chants they chant for justice, for equity,
Their daily iniquity makes me seek till I fall sick
Like little water into mighty baskets, the end is indeed the casket.

Enough of this noise
Justice or just tease
Peace or just piss
Madness is not radicalism.

After Madiba, injured tease still speak xenophobically.

In land where tenants ought to
be ants and not lords.

After Awo went AWOL,
Our schools are nothing more than  abandoned towers with broken glasses
After Sankara, the bulk of our fasting makes mockery of the Burkina in our past till present; trust no friend, it all ends with regrets!
After Luther, our city of new yokes and flaws segmented white heroes from black villains.

But “I have a dream” but it is time for yet another scream in Alabama!

BROKEN VISION by Bankoke Kolawole

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