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Behold the man;
Whose life is worth that of a thousand slaves!
Whose wife shall tread upon our wives with imperial majesty!
Whose son shall deny our sons their right!
Whose daughter shall knock our fathers on the head!
Whose household is worth all the inhabitants of our nation!

Behold the runaway soldier;
Who shall speak to us in civic language,
Teach us our history and spell our doom!
Come, behold the come-back-king
Whose voice shall sentence us to death,
Decide our destinies and blow us hot and cold!

That is the tyrant;
Whose boots kicked our groin, crushed our bones!
Whose words condemned us to this present misery!
Whose khaki apparel intimidated our strong men!
Who sang songs of hope but decreed his way into the castle of our skin
Whose left hand upheld the law and his right hand, the gun!

Yes, he is the man
Whose dagger pierced our spines, severing our bond of oneness!
Whose sword split every shred of morality left in us!
Whose dogs attacked and wounded us, defiling our daughters and killing our sons!
Who parted us from our ancestral heritage, our own father’s farms!
Whose hounds hunted us, licked our blood and fed on our broken bones!

Here he comes;
Cheer him
Hail him
Vote him
He will lead us
He will kill us
We will vote him
He will starve us
We will vote him

We forgive easily
We have very short memories
Behold him on posters around town
His name is planted on our lips
With his smiles he upset political calculations
They call him guru
They call him master
He knows the game well
He is the man behind the man in front of you!

Vote him!

Written by: Micheal Udenyi
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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