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AN ORPHAN’S CRY by Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

Read Time:1 Minute, 40 Second

I know the feeling that Juvenile felt
When deserted beneath an isolated tree,
Do you know that feeling?
The fear that gripped souls of those down-casted girls
Waking up beneath miserable clouds.

Do you know that feeling?
The one which made me steal a bread from murderers
When my stomach ordered me to and we were awfully crushed,
But that was the only way we could smile at a new dawn.

You call me a bird-brain,an incomplete weakling,
But were you there while I was growing into a man without shelter?
Seated alone amidst feeble darkness, staring silently at the dumb ocean,
Hungry, as tears escaped from my fainting eyes
To kiss the dusts which felt my agony, were you there?

I know that feeling,
The one I felt when my soul ordered for my death
After mother was weak and worn out,
He felt once I became a fairy tale, maybe mother will live in serenity.

Do you ridicule the fatherless?
You should put on their fate and taste the pain of theirs,
That pain that makes you count illusions
As your peers strolled to their place of learning,
Getting their future ready.

Can you see that swindler brutally beaten?
You do not need to pity him, but
He was a fugitive who starved after being cursed by ailment,
He deserved a life right? Maybe he got that from theft.

Tears danced down my eyes
As the sun slapped that old man to death
He was a friend of poverty,
A beggar he was, but do not mock that pauper,
For if life wasn’t so cruel, he might have worshiped his destiny
And bring nature to justice.

I know that feeling of being abandoned,
Growing up without a father, starving as mother grumbles in silence,
Welcoming a hard time from peers who dictate fortune’s tomorrow.
Do not mock me neither do I need your pity,
But I know that feeling, just pray for the orphans,

This isn’t just poetry,
Its reality.