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Life is Beautiful
And your youthful
Stage, is the most useful

Work while it is day
And your night would be blissful
And don’t forget “always be grateful”

It’s like life is just about to begin,
Am feeling like Jesus, a man without sin,
My past is like a dress rehearsal,
I go into the lab now for practicals

I wish I had wings like a bird
I wish life has a button like pause
I wish I could rewind time, but
If wishes were horses, beggars might ride

Be spiritual, there is more to the physical
The eyes is limited, the mind unlimited
Hate the crime, but love the criminal
We are all guilty as charged, some are legal criminals

The heart is wicked, man is deceitful
Owe everyone love, sometimes it’s painful,
But anger resides in fools, his children are awful.
Love is the greatest, its fruits are joyful

Change begins in the mirror.
You might see beauty, but I see error,
Do better today, than you did yesterday
Let Baba God be the potter, you be the clay

Remember the golden rule,
It transcends beyond race, tribe and color
As you love yourself, also love thy neighbor
And Life, by obligation, will owe you favor…

Written by: Omorogbe Airsay
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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