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www.facebook.com/WRRPoetry [A For Apple, B For Ball]
Her world is more technical than a professional puzzle
There, roses grow in deserts and vapours in the wind.
She’s a barefoot princess crawling in the beggar’s dust,
all on her own but for her shadow dragging her around.

She has been running a hundred miles an hour on #hell’s highway,
yet,no one pays her attention.
This “she” that once danced at the center of unbroken praises…,
now lives a detestable life, one without phases.

Her years, she ruined with impatience,
Her days,she destroyed with filthiness.
She forgot if S is for Sex, M should have been for marriage.
Now, she is dead to her future, the present itself is a mystery.

If you Have or know a “she” treading this sweet poison path,
send her this scribble ,tell her this story,
that Z will never stand for an Apple,
God does not play dice, its always a step at a time.
It’s always A for Apple, B for Ball.

*A letter to the “sexy goddess” with no good ambition

Written by: Adesiyan Adeyemi Favour
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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