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The Brigitte Poirson Poetry Contest (BPPC), April/May 2022, is open for submissions!

We are accepting original poems dealing with the horrors, or reminiscences, of war, longings for peace, challenges of the future and more, using your poetic weapons.

Knowledge, which enlarges the mind and raises awareness, is a powerful remedy against war, and Poetry, which also enlarges the heart, is a weapon of mass construction when war means nothing but rubbles and silence.

As you write, remember that poetry is as much about inspiration as it is also an art. Feel free to stretch the boundaries of poetry in terms of diction, composition and form, but use carefully edited lines and nicely original stylistic devices to express the best of your poetic heart for the sake of sharing great poetry.

Be inspired!

Deadline: 11:59 PM Sunday, May 15, 2022.


  1. ₦30,000 split cash prize: 1st — ₦15,000; 2nd — ₦10,000; 3rd — ₦5,000
  2. Automatic entry for the Albert Jungers Poetry Prize (AJPP) 2022: Top 10 poems
  3. Publication in the Monthly BPPC Chapbook: Top 20 poems
  4. Publication in the Annual BPPC Anthology: Top 40 poems


  1. Only one poem per participant.
  2. Poems should not exceed 28 lines/verses (plus the title).
  3. Email entry as mail body text to SUBMISSIONS@WRR.NG. No attachments.
  4. Submissions should include entrant’s names, phone numbers, social media handles (at least one), and a biography (50-100 words).
  5. Email Subject should include Author’s Name, Contest Month, and Poem Title: ‘Abubakar Nnamdi Adekunle, BPPC August/September 2022, ‘YOUR POEM’S TITLE’
  6. All entries must be the original work of the poet submitting it.


  • No entry fee is required.
  • Poems containing profanity, racism, or vulgarity will be automatically disqualified.
  • Entries will be judged on their artistic qualities, and the judges’ decision is final. Words, Rhymes & Rhythm will not enter into any correspondence with entrants regarding the judges’ decision.
  • The author retains the copyright for their poems. Words, Rhymes & Rhythm, on the other hand, reserves the right to publish ANY and ALL entries submitted.
  • Past winners may enter the competition, but a poet can only win once in a calendar year (season). Therefore, a past winner who makes the top 3 in the same season will only feature in the anthology.

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