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www.facebook.com/WRRPOetry [WALLS OF UNENDING SCARS (by WRRPoetry Poet of The Week Uche Francis Uwadinachi)]

I have seen
The four walls
Coated with gory hand-prints
Of criminals and suspects
In-scripting awkwardness
Pleading for a public presentation

I stared at slogans
“we die…innocent”
“i was here”
“and so what”
“are you the president?”
“dem go fire me”
“na today”
“…save us”

My heart tears my eyes
And the graffiti spawns

My head smothers
As ravaging foul odour
Of urine and shit
Shutters me to worship
At the walls of unending scars
With my own “craze-words”.

Hell is cell!
The black bowl
Smiths into a black hole
Bloats for the unborn convict
Guilty – of life, wanting to survive
…raiding flames at night
…beaming red in flight
…yellow coal for ice
Collies for the burning
Of our already hurt hearts.

Poll for faults
Lease of crimes
To catch and lock our lives
Into the bloating black hole
Of a cell.

And so
The walls persist
A writing cry of the weak
Dying…to die today
And died…. Tomorrow

Uche Uwadinachi,a performance poet also called Flames – Priest of poetry is the author of poetry collection “SCAR in the HEART of pain” and it’s Spoken Word audio Album.

He is the 1st Prize Winner of ANA Lagos (Association of Nigerian Authors) Poetry Performance Festival (LASPOFEST) Prize 2006 and Pakistan June ‘Poetrycraze’ contest 2009. 2nd Prize Poetry Winner of Ken Saro-Wiwa Contest USA 2010, top ten Award For The Korean-Nigera Poetry Feast 2012, 2nd runner-up in the National Poetry Slam Competition 2012, 3rd prize winner for poetry at the FNL POETRY and SHORT STORY Competition December 2012 and Winner (March-top Poetry) of the African Street Writer 2013.

style="font-family: Helvetica, Arial, 'Lucida Grande', sans-serif; font-size: 15.555556297302px; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; line-height: 25.989583969116px;">Uche’s poem was shortlisted among the ten best poems for the Korea-Nigeria Poetry Fiesta 2012, his poems has been published in the ‘Lime Jewel’ collection London 2010, ‘if yu hia say a de prizin’ 2012 Nigeria and the ‘World Poetry International Peace E- Anthology’ Canada 2013, and other publications.

His poetry performances has been seen on Bookshelves-LTV 8, Konto Music-NTA 10, 9ja TV, Tinapa Trade Expo 2008Lagos State Trade Fair EKO-EXPO 2011, Wordslam 1,2,3, 4 & 5, Poetry Potter, Potters Lounge, Anthill, Pen Society , British Council Lagos , Chill and Relax Gbagada, Wordup, Be Blessed, Book and Gauge, among others. He has worked as a continuity man/ writer for TV commercials, musicals, Reality TV shows: The Heir Apparent, and presently, he is an independent television presenter/researcher and works towards his latest spoken-word-rap album titled ‘E’FI MI LE’ joo’or’.
He blogs at Priest Of Poetry.
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I happened to be lucky to watch Poet Uche perform and I can only confirm that he deserves all the accolades he get and will definitely get more. Though he is not an active member of WRRPoetry, he has been supportive of the vision. I wish him more laurels in his poetic journey.