TO LOVE (a poem by Imelda Ugwuanyi)

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He thinks it's "this" 
She believes it's "that"
They bring "this" 
and put "that"
It never solved the puzzle.

They drop "that"
put "this"
It becomes disorganized,
sad and boring

They leave only "that"
and it turns to dreams
imaginations and fantasies.
They decide to put half of each
and it makes no sense

Then they disagree and part.
And it's so painful,
hurting in the chest
no the heart

Then she thinks about his "this"
and it's stupid and over calculated.
Of her that he thinks it's funny
and way too careless

They decide to try another,
one at first
then another and another...
Yet he still thinks
and she still believes

She becomes worried
But he does not care
Then she stops for pride 
He continues for pride

Still it is not enough
Pride will die
but they will still be

Then they meet again,
and decide to love
without thoughts or beliefs.

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