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Silence is inscribed
On screaming walls,
Vacuum crawling on
Shadows’ facade,
I am the soul, lavishly endowed
But preserved in diligent darkness.

I am your soul
Patterned in apparel of radiance
Installed in Skull as a steward
But man is just a graveyard
To dwell in.

Negligence is consecrated
With stinging spear
In your courage,
Cobwebs have cultured
Every ridge of your enthusiasm
Oh! I am your soul
Designed to structure
But all I see
Is a pessimistic ghost
With clueless future.

The agony in me
Like whispering streams
Pouring out fury
As defeat slain
My vision’s throat.
Shall I grow old
And be sanctified in oblivion?

Oh Human!
Why are you drifted
By your broken status?
Today initiates tomorrow
Everyday is a treasure
Just seat and assemble your future
Let us strike a bargain
As we elevate tomorrow for pleasure.
I am the soul, you’re the spirit,
Let legendary litter
Our eternity.