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Here I stand at the middle of nowhere
Looking ahead at the disguised horizon
Sweats caressing my damp brows
Eyes straddled with deep sated regrets
Emotions spent, conscience imprisoned
Forces dragging me towards yesterday.

In the clothing of a saint I appear
Under the mask hides a bleached heart
Mind stiff enough to move a mountain
Decisions made, no bother who gets hurt
I wine and dine with immorality
It is to me, a cozy path.

I wonder out aloud
When eventually my senses resume
On which day was I created?
Was my heart fashioned from wood?
Why can’t I keep malice with evil?
From where would my liberation come?

In the deep recess of my empty heart
A silent voice gingerly speaks
‘No one can save you but you
All it takes is one right choice’
Choices, choices, I scoffed
Thousands I’ve made, still I fall.

Miles have I traveled on the wrong path
Satisfaction I seek, still the hunger grows
Harvest planted, dried seeds harvested
Realization stabbing my battered eyes
One step I place behind the other
Though late but amends can be made.

Yes, daily I repeatedly fall
Yet, each time will I again rise
Till the embrace of darkness withers
Then I can honestly say
Before I rolled in the mud
Now I’m changed, pure and chaste.

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