IN-BETWEENER (dilemma of Nwagaba) by Bamas Sinach VicToria

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home is where the heart is…
i ask myself where is the heart?
where is the place of the heart?

originate from the east bred in the the north
tutored in the west, based in the south
child of many cultures, fully formed into none
child of many languages, rooted in none

with no root i retire in towns and cities
a stranger amongst kinsmen, tour guide in distant lands
“this is our child” they say, “but does not know us”
“this child knows us” they say ” but not from this soil”

a nomad by circumstance, without partisan allegiances
blood is thicker than water as they say
but through thick and thin, some strangers abide

i understand why the girl in the north furnishes her matrimonial home
i appreciate why the boy in the east will rather learn a trade
i relate with western child that toils to get a certificate
I feel for the southern child that exist for the oil crude

…because i am an in-betweener

Written by: Bamas Sinach Victoria

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