Read Time:1 Minute, 1 Second [AMBULANCE LOVE]
Am bleeding for the heart I gave
Am in Pain for the trust I gave
Put on the siren and let noise be heard
My love wants my heart and head

Pregnant heart for the lies he told
Nine months with no delivery
Forgiven more than 77 times 7 times
More lies came but I was in love

In Our Genesis we were lovebirds
Romeo and Juliet could learn from us
Our Revelation came with thorns
With nothing to stop the bleeding

Take all your crime and guilt
To somebody else’s door step
Save your sorry for another prey
I’m well fed with lies upon lies

Tears I cannot cry any longer
My eyes have failed to produce water
Lost shoulder for my head to lean on
They might cry blood anytime sooner

Now am using broken mirror
To paint my tender face
My legs are wide for your crucifixion
Hurry up and nail me for 5 minutes

The wound will have a scar
To remind me of you forever
But am sure to meet savior
To save my heart from bleeding on

Written by: Dominic E. Anyanebechi

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