YOU IN ME by Saidu Mark Jatau

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I am that pulse in you running each time you stop thinking.
rushing like the avalanche
Bringing down mass of snow, iced and cold.

I am that punch you must endure,
The harder it hits, the stronger you become.
I am that air that keeps you moving, flowing through, spreading peace, spitting pieces.

I am that sedative you can’t resist,
I tranquilize your mind, I bring calm when calamity strikes.
I am that quiver of excitement running through your skin,
Straining and retrieving words from your lips each time you are at ease.

I am that pain you feel each time you are sad.
I am boring.
I am fun.
I am that Seasonal Affective Disorder spreading in you like wide fire.
I burn every inch of your fiber with rage of affection and passion.

I am contagious, I am infectious.
I spread fast, faster than the speed of light.
I am time, I am a river.
Moving anti clock wise and rushing in circular.
I only loose my cluster once the gears beneath my face is clustered.

I don’t care about yesterday,
Tomorrow shall neither bother me also, for I know that time is all one single continuum.

I am a genius, a genius you see in your vision, only in a generation.
Today i am drunk, so drunk with words, tomorrow I will be sober, so sober with wine, and you will be forever jealous, so jealous to death cos’ am forever wiser.
I am the me living inside of you, and i am forever bourgeois.

Nigerian Poetry – YOU IN ME by Saidu Mark Jatau

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