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WOOING REBECCA [for Rebecca Effiong Okon who hates Poetry]

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Wooing REBECCA who hates Poetry…

I met a damsel named Rebecca
Who has the face of an angel sent from heaven.
Now I’m hoping she’s not a heart breaker
…Because she’s got me thinking of her 24/7!

Alas, my Rebecca loves not poetry
And her ears sway not for flowery words.
But then my words are not flattery,
Concocted to bind her heart with cords.

Someone tell me how to breach her heart,
Tell me how to make words melt her metal wall.
Tell me where her heart’s hidden path
Lies. So I can make her heed my earnest call!

Maybe I should rhyme a smiling Sun,
Make the wind hum a rhythm of stricken souls,
Conjure a palace, and make puns
That’ll make her fidget on her tender toes?

Someone tell me, please,
That my soul may find sweet release.