WHY I WRITE by Olusegun M. Lawal

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i’m able to usually writes
to see the brand new days sight
i will always paints
to peer the unpleasant phrase shine vibrant

What I do, what I assume
What I select me to be
Will stay as time goes on
because the memories has its homestead

never pity my sleeplessness
when the cloud is dark
Or surprise of my thinking being
at the sight of stars

Prophets prays thru the night cloud
just to choose a few real
fact lies inside the dark line
whilst the rest is asleep

i’m a being created to assume
look me thru, see me real
For I won’t be there once more
while you might be prepared for me

as the sun falls at night
in order man’s dreams alike
just a specie to cause
Who could soon depart with out pronouncing goodbye

let me flood your minds my brethren
let me show you what lies among aesthetics
i am at your carrier,
to tell the tale of the way life must be lived.

I want not your kola nut
I needs not your delicious meal
just your heart to make it hot
And serve the ethical tea.

WHY I WRITE by Olusegun M. Lawal

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