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When heaven opens and it won’t stop
All washes away but our tears
When life ends even before it begins
And when we ask, yet no response
To why God stopped loving us.

When earth opens and all caves in
All we hold dear now but a dream
When the children look so old
Because their lives have gone so cold
Do you say God hated them that much?

When ground vibrates and all crashes
Hope fading before they even start
When air and wind churns you up
And nowhere to turn but inwards
To all prayers, did he stop listening?

When loved ones passes on
Leaving you clutching to memories
No one to face, cos no one faces you
With heart too heavy to carry
While you ask God “why me”?

Mountains melt, my mind freezes
Rock roars and ashes fall on my head
Land slides, and ghost comes visiting
All walls comes closing in
And we asked why he made us.

His way so mysterious, not ours
His reason, the wise can’t comprehend
Our pains and tears, he sees
For he felt it first, so is love
As we love all, all the time.

Written by: Adeolu Adesanya
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
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