WHAT IS BEST by Samuel Sijuade

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Way, way round the world
Roll, roll snow the ball
Run, run race the wind
Warp, warp beats the storm
Slow, slow moves the snail
Sit, and I shall tell you which is easy
-much more which is best

Way, way, round the world
Skip, skip, miss a step
And you shall snowball on a ladder to the floor
Ask me which is easy
And I shall tell you tis the world
Tis the world and its ways

Roll, roll, snow the ball
A rolling stone gathers no moss
Here and there its pitiable state
The ball, its cosmetic its shame
And the snow shall soon melt away
Beauty they say will blast
But tis good we know that grace will last
For there is every secret
An open scandal in heaven’s eyes
Soon, soon to unveil the dark

Run, run, race the wind
The fool rides, stamping on the good of all
Let none stay him in his quest in vanity fair
But hint that his hand shall never reach the crown
Nor with age ever come to prime
For the kitten that has vowed that the chick will never crown
Itself will never come to prime
For in his great greed he chases the wind
And at the end, his loss shall be measured great

Warp, warp, beats the storm
Strength is great and passion strong
But tis ill that wisdom is small
Stormy lust is a windy circle
That keeps men at zero ground
Passion is great when in divine ways employed
Strength is good but not with a fool
The sea, oh the fool
Foams his shame
Though he has strength and possesses passion
But tis ill that his wisdom is small
Much more that his lack is grit

Slow, slow, moves the snail
A creature adept but so frail
Step on it and you quash its shell
Slow and steady it moves
Decisively a distance so near for the proud
In reaching destinations
-more hope for it than a fool
Purposeful in strides
It surely reaches its aim

Although tis not the snail that is best
But tis the heart that knows
-beauty and wisdom set in nature
Tis the heart that unravels truth mystified
Tis the mind that capture wonders in the heights
This is what is best
-much more, better than the best
Wisdom is principal
And an understanding heart is the beauty of the soul

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