WHAT IF WE ALL WENT BLIND? by Ndukwo Kalu Ugah

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Human minds inquire more
Why? Beauty all adore
In our world where no truth is faced,
My eyes diffuses a quickening ray
When dead bodies are raised
Without cloth in mortuaries as they lay.

I heaved a sigh, how can it be?
That God, the creator beautifully made me
an image that no one can initiate the strange design
Boldly, I approach my unnumbered foes
Because livelihood is mine
And in good strength will i oppose.

What if we all went blind?
Beauty and ugliness, no one could pay a mind
Nor acknowledge nature’s night
And the rate at which the day pursued
When the morning shines its light
Dark and thick as blood.

O God, you emptied your image
though none is measured to your age
Your love is infinite, and so free
And can it be, that i should gain
a perfect life in me?
So free and without pain

Pitiful, we mortals die
Having said much truth and lies
In discerning both the wrong and right,
Till racism is vanquished
We cannot tell between the black and white
Like the rainbow, we’ll live happily indeed


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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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