WHAT DO YOU SEE by Jerry Joel

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I see brothers building borders and breaking brotherly bonds.
Leaders instigating conflicts while looting public funds.
Battle chants brewing from a distance.
Is war inevitable? or are there plans,
To stop the war virus before it spreads.

I see sisters, sighing on seeing soldiers.
For leaving their brothers like broken jars.
Battered and shattered with weapons of all kinds,
Just for speaking their minds.
Sisters prematurely turned mothers.

I see children crying ceaselessly,
From hunger and pestilence persistently.
Children torn from their parents,
By mayhems agents,
Like an old piece of Nigerian wax in harmattan.

I see fathers fleeing from farms,
Loosing legs and arms to men with arms.
Fathers burying their young son,
Singing sad songs of sorrow as they mourn.
Praying,cursing,wishing and lamenting.

I see mothers, mourning murders every morning.
Murders by proctectors, who instead of protect us choose murdering.
Mothers in black, tragedies on their back,
In place of babies lost to lack,
Rendered babyless,husbandless,homeless and hopeless.

I see families find futility in faith,
And now resigned to fate,
After been failed by the hackneyed slogan of change.
Now they chant “change the change”,
But is that the answer? If not, what is?.

WHAT DO YOU SEE by Jerry Joel

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  1. Mamahannatu – An impassive face often lit up with a smile A mind so old, like it’s been around for a while Uncountable works remain unfinished in a pile Struck by wanderlust; itinerary as long as the Nile
    Hannatu Adamu says:

    The answer? Aah! How much gold we’d pay the person who has it! Altogether an apt description of the dark side of the Nigerian situation. Yet, we hope to see light at the end of this tunnel.

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