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“I won
You lost
You cheated
The election was rigged”
They charged our peaceful atmosphere with nonsensicalities

To adjudicate, let’s go to the church of doom
To excogitate harsh answers
From the westerner’s Bible of discombobulating

“Forget about the People
They never will know the secrecy of our drama
Death or Life, we remain their gods”
They say and laugh, in their lodges of atrocity

The people weep in pains
They see pregnancy of cataclysm
In the pot bellies of Politicians

Disquieted voices of the Land
Innocent mothers and children
Sing requiems in memorial of their coming death
Whilst hoping and praying for a Life
From the verdict of the Court

When two elephants fight
It’s the ground that suffers the pain
When two power seekers lock horns
It’s my mother and siblings that become refugees

The soil of peace that grew Ghana
Now gleans egocentric and avaricious beasts
The land cries blood as it loses grip of its peace

The people bleed in fear
Pastors prophesying doom

Seated I here, talking to the ceiling
Where will I run to, when its finally here
Nigeria or South Africa
Uganda or Liberia
Where will I stop to quench my thirst?
And where will I stop to earn the honorary title of a refugee?
But the voice of the People is the Voice of God

Written by: Oppong Clifford Benjamin
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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