VIGIL by Akinbode Oluwatobi Israel

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I held the hands of the night,
Walking into ages,
Through her present scent,
Then she showed me all things.
Her hands were cold;
Santa’s snows,
I shivered in response…
She asked “How are you?”
She told me of the moon,
Her only best friend with little…
Little little stars,
Her niece without a husband.
She took me to Loneliness,
His regalia had holes,
He sat in the midst of nothing,
He was diagnosed of stroke.
We walked across a street,
Evil spelt like ‘Veil’,
Many veils were hanged allover,
Drops of blood only spoke.
The night showed me all,
Hand in hand live’ forever couples’,
Then I knew why our eyes
Loves to sleep at night.

VIGIL by Akinbode Oluwatobi Israel

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  1. Mamahannatu – An impassive face often lit up with a smile A mind so old, like it’s been around for a while Uncountable works remain unfinished in a pile Struck by wanderlust; itinerary as long as the Nile
    Hannatu Adamu says:

    Beautiful personification. We could literally SEE the night in this poem.

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