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Where we were once bound…
When love we claimed to have found.
What then is this heavy shackle?
We used to drink from heaven’s pond!

Did we indeed trade freedom for slavery?
Did we to drunk gods sell our souls in a hurry?
Does love come, hiding a poisoned dart?
Does it weaken the mind and make thoughts blurry?

Must men love to live?
Must our hearts seek that which does not breathe?
Merely a thought, yet a worry even to the brave.
Must this quest color life, short and brief?

Here is a song unsung
Hear the warnings from the blooming thorn
Hearken not to beauty nor flesh
Hide I pray from love’s fiery burn

They were once like us
One day we shall be like them

Written by: Orator Kingsley Nonso Okoye
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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