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Most of us want to feel proud;
Proud of our Nation
Proud of our Race
Proud of our Religion
Proud of our Family
Proud of our Political Affiliation
Proud of our Ethnic Group or Tribe
Proud of our Belief, Customs or Traditions

However, if we are ever Caught Naked
We feel ashamed of our bodies
Unless we have perfect bodies
That can be Photographed and Marketed
By a Pornographic Magazine

When we have Nationalistic Pride
We buy into Militaristic Rationalizations
And are full of Racial
Or Tribal Pride

We might feel the Need
To Carry a Weapon to Defend our Honor
However, to be Honest
I have never met a Nudist
Who carries an AK-47 over his or her shoulder

What the hell is the matter with us?!
If someone tells me,
“B.B. Netanyahu is a Jerk!”
I am not going to become all defensive and say,
“B.B. Netanyahu is a Defender of the Children of Israel!”
“A Descendent in the Spiritual LINEAGE
Dating back to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!”

No way! I know that “King B.B” is just in it for the Money
He doesn’t care if Israel disappears tomorrow
As long as he can make a Buck today

Why mythologize such things?
Whether one is
Iranian or

Whatever the Hell your ‘Identity’ is
Why go around “defending it?!”
Does this really make you Virtuous?
No, it is really a Serious Mental Health Problem

We have fallen from Grace
From the Garden of Eden
Maybe, we all need to sit Naked under a Cottonwood Tree
And Eat Tamales together
And end these Stupid
Hyper intellectual discussions
About theoretical topics

What the Hell is wrong with us anyways?!

Written by: Daniel S. Moskowitz
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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