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The sun heard my prayers
It sends me its rays:
A noon of a new era
Corrupted before with many evil days

The sky wept for my burning skin
It sends me its droplets:
The ground is muddy and new
Its scenes so attractive – like a playlet
My shelter has fallen
The earth also sympathised:
It gave me its love and warmth
And in its splendour I was baptised

It found me like thin air in dust
A thing of sorrow in the eyes of men
A thing waiting in vain to rust
A thing despised, and men don’t comment

Greedy as I am, I asked for more
In the quest for my glory. I so ignore
The gifts, the presence of nature
Mind closed to bless the goodness with which I was nurtured

Written by: Matt Thinkah
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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