UNDER THE TREE by Abdulbasit Abubakar Adamu

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We used to live in the same street
Our lines always crossed where two lovers meet
Speaking to her today was the first
As I spoke to her I felt a quench of thirst.

We sat on under the big old tree’s shed
As our feet moved across the leaves on the ground, dead
To be with each other our hearts strife
And all I wanted was to make her my wife.

Standing on the doorway, I hear as she knocks
Her words in my ears as cunning as a fox
Everything on her body looks somewhat new
Am pleased by this wonderful view.

Though my heart has been empty in a while
To feel it I can trek a mile
Love will take me there
And I will capture my love with my hands bare.

UNDER THE TREE by Abdulbasit Abubakar Adamu

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