TWO HEARTS (a conversation)

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I. HIS WORDS (by Felix Nnamdi Egbomuche)

Wrapped in the arms of your thought
I try to visualize me and you, alone in a room
Sharing love words, laying blocks of friendship
Doing the silly, exchanging romantic kisses

But moving away from dream land
And living my life in physical reality
All these seem like mission impossible
A destination so close, yet so far

Tell me, am I just confused
Or this is true a conviction
My heart has never deceived me
Why would it start now?

Please tell me my lady
Am I your King or servant?
I would be content to be either
As long as I’ll be around you

Do you feel the same way too,
Or this exists only in my mind?
Am I in this alone,
Or you’re fighting the same battle?

Am I too fast in thought, or too slow in action?
Should I just remain silent, as I have hitherto?
Go on, as though nothing is happening?
Or speak, and risk losing our friendship.

This is my dilemma, stuck at a crossroad!

II. HER REPLY (by Ayeni Deborah)

Engrossed by thoughts of you
Lost in my imagination of us together
Imagining the warmth of your embrace
Smiling as my emotions run around

But swapping my fantasy for reality
I smiled, thinking about your own piece
Indeed, our hearts could become as one
There is a great possibility

Though you are far away, I feel you near
I am not sure I know what this is
Please tell me if you know. Is it love or lust?
The more I think, the scarier I become

My king, my lord
That’s what I choose to call you
I want to be closer to you
To make my place beside you

There is a storm in my head
I wonder if you can hear the noise
If only winds could whisper
It’d whisper my despair into your ears

You are not as confused as I am!


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