TWO-FACED “IGP” by Victor Igiri

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doctored or un-doctored,
black or white,
he is only human
for though the sun kings today,
tomorrow shall be the moon’s.

lies or truths;
we deserve some white words
so we can appease our souls and boycott
the many laughters of the human race;
pistol dukes.

we are all lunatics on the ‘open field’
sometimes or at other times, by design or involuntarily
but we are only human
fleshly frail to fall even with aids or as loners
yet we can rise when surgeoned duly.

we can let go these stones
for he is human like any other
and as we cast stones, let’s remember
that tomorrow shall be ours to be victims
but only the truth has a tongue to win us freedom.

I wish the truth is skin-toned.


Muse: The viral ‘transmission’ speech of the Inspector General of Police, of Nigeria, Ibrahim Idris, of Monday, May 14, 2018, at Kano state.

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Victor Igiri

Victor Igiri is an award- winning Nigerian poet and essayist, and a writer based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a creative entrepreneur who aims to "die empty" leveraging on his skills and talents to create positive impact on earth. He is a poet contributor for Independent Newspaper, Lagos,, and a host of other websites where he shares his poems and inspirational articles. He is the administrator of Purpose Driven Youth Network, a website and Facebook page that is aimed at inspiring people, especially the youths and teenagers in making impact in life. His poems have been anthologized in various spaces; nationally and internationally.