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Read Time:43 Second [Tribute To An Icon]
Glory rests on the shores of history
Dark dust to the scattered trails of misery
Burning in tots, death knocks at the door
Smiling with tears, in its paled scaling fur

Darkness forms around the storm
Shielding the sad mildness of dust reformed.
Timid hue in a cloud of mist
Forms the globules in a drenched blue feast

The skies wither to formlessness
Spreading the glory of a dark blue dawn
Trees speak in whispering tears of hopelessness
The godfather in the end is gone

Faded remains in the thoughts of the new
Engraved in the stones of Adieu
Immortality divine, the legend is forever thine
Ever glowing in the starry requiem of the few

(Farewell, Great One)

Written by: Danny El Gentledan
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson