Read Time:48 Second [Traitors Of Principles]
They shun vigour
and rigour
pitch their tents
near the hut of ineptitude…

Mediocres passing off as statesmen!

They forced us
our dismembered spirit
to kiss the dust
laid a wreath on our tomb
while still alive
hobnobbing with decayed morality…

Pretenders in garb of defenders!

They feast on our gullibility
while their divisive methods
of rulership pricks our code
of togetherness, tearing our bonds
as the seeds of ethno-religiosity
dangles swords, axes and machetes
before us!

They bastards soiling our father’s name!

They’re a saboteurs
mobs, waiting to feast
on our naivety
While we sleep at night
they perfect their antics
of subjugation via draconian

They are but misfits in our horizon!

Written by: Jon Manuels Enekele
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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