Read Time:59 Second [To You Mothers]
To you dripping breasts
And nursing palms
In whose thighs we sat
For you, I prayed for

And to you laboured souls
Who toiled and starved
That we might not hunger taste
For you, my loving heart prays for

To you brave hearts
Who would in just stood
That we might be punished
For you, I never stoppped praying for

And to you selfless souls
Who wombed the tears of others
And that of an orphan in the street
To you, I sincerely pray for

To you soaked souls
Who wetted their sheets in tears
For a child to be called ‘theirs’
For you, my candles still burn in prayers

And to you mothers
Who would in shame live
For us to be called theirs
For you, I also pray for

To you weak hearts
Who would not right us
From our speedy wrong tracks
For you, my soul weeps in prayer

And to you would be mothers
Here is my supplication to God
That you would nurse us better
Than our grand-mothers

*For all mothers

Written by: Agu Cross