Read Time:37 Second [To Whom Should We Turn]
Spills of gunshots and flows of blood
Were all we heard and all we saw
Of brothers, now dead and gone

Groan we, wail we, in gruff voices
Their ears though flow above the watery noise
Our votes, the seed, their baskets hold
And yet they harvest in our stead

Galled, we gullibly thought, of trust akin
Bereft of thoughts of truthful ones
The leopard never mutates its skin
Now, to whom should we our face to turn?

Written by: Adesina Collins Dhonphonie
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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  1. The poem is an expression of the dilemma of the Nigerian voter who has been deceived, cheated of his natural resources and fooled by the political class. Yes, who should we turn to? Poor Government has made Nigerians turn to God and we have seen fury and mayhem in the name of God. Who should we turn to in 2015? That question is on our minds.

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