THOUGH I DIED, I LIVE by Stephen Oluwaseyi

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Thousand years ago, we were both killed
Our flesh both to the cross nailed
We both died, on the cross of Calvary
Though nailed, my flesh
My life is hid in Christ Jesus

Not a player of sin again
To it’s coaching, why will i hearken?
Joined a new team of righteousness
To the new coach,will i hearken
To his instructions, i will be obeying

Am supernatural, am complicated
Because in me, his Jesus filled
Who can read me?
Not even a card reader
That makes me a supernatural leader

So, i can fly through sky limit
Can walk on sea, so minute
To me, mountain is a butterfly
Even death is as powerless
As dropping leaves

Though i died, i live
But the kinda life i live
I live not for myself
But for the son of God
Who for me, died

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