THIS GODDESS’ PLIGHT by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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While they played she like a nun in her mother’s den learned with difficulty
To make a home and to keep it learned under crude tutoring
From the cradle to the ladle she’s known to bear
The pains that befriend her, a world abhorred but believed her destiny
And at the dawning of maturity responsibilities by her door knocking

There upon in pains more than streams of tears can hide she pours it
The monthly flows that stain making her unchaste
After which he grabs her a gift from parents with pretense of payment
Her hymen devoured in series of unpleasing pains
Nine months of hard labours with hours of seething sharp pains from strains
When the products of your pleasures make arriving

And then in the duty of motherhood the baby made man
And wife here wife there yet with screaming command and battered body she pushes on
Accusations of idleness and liabilism a mark on her forehead
Yet a worthy mother diligent in dealing she so remains

Tell me what ‘mount of cowries is worth the price
What ‘mount of bounties command such loyalty and respect
Yet ingrates make her slave in the entity she’s built
Family denied and parents she let go
For that you might build a success a supposed ego

I say, woe betide you who sees her as useless
Despite pains and hardship, diligence and loyalty living as her fortress
Divorce, even battering, emotional injuries inflicted by licking mouths end up her lot, her constant wages
Oh heartless brute who dares stifle you goddess by any means
Death by hanging truly should bring the end of his days.

Nigerian Poetry – THIS GODDESS’ PLIGHT by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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