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Just a dot among a legion
I seek nothing but a place
Either among rulers at the palace
Or among religious scions
I seek not a right path
But conviction for my heart

What is the place of a pauper?
For men only rabble of money!
I guess for eternity’s journey?
I was hoping for something better!
Like eternal peace of mind
Or something of the kind

Nothing is a miracle anymore
Not even the beauty of a rose
So reality the world choose
This is how we came to want more
Of here! Not of the world beyond!
We are here not in the world beyond

Are we not same old flesh and blood?
Who will soon be eaten by maggots!
Are we not then fanatical bigots?
Reaching to touch the angry cloud!
Soon the raging storm would pour
And we will be drenched to stupor

My mind question me all the time
So much I have to learn to unlearn
Things taught on this existence plane
So many ugly twists in this grand plan
The ways of men is so awkward!
Making me a huge coward!

The world taught me of humility
Of the beauty of love to humanity
The wonderful power of empathy
The strength embedded in unity
Yes! She taught me so many things!
Did you yet learn a thing?

Written by: Charles Bernard Aghadi

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