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THE WORLD IS DEAD El Sane Ken Silencer

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I was asleep,
when I heard the whoops
that sane’s awake

but when I woke
I found sane dead
And I cried…

‘The world is dead.’

Now a ghost
Wandering, and I wonder
Wandered and remembered

That it might had been killed
By over joyed- possibly!
it died accidentally.

‘The world is dead.’

It died accidentally
‘The world is dead’
Lurking, scary.

Which eyes has seen it?
Only a priest knows
His shadow.

The world is dead.

THE WORLD IS DEAD El Sane Ken Silencer

Post Author

El Sane Ken Silencer

Insouciant Sane. What I have known is that the trees and their leaves live as fated.
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