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THE UMBRELLA AFTER RAIN by Ayoola Olanrewaju

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It is yet this confusion train
This victory, the change and noise of doom
I have begged the thought a flick of freet
And muster the strength to sing the change song.

The umbrella is a load after the rain
Let it rain and we hold the broom
We shall dance and sweep the street
As song of change battles our tongue.

Dadum!Dadum! Dadum!
Rocks the foundation of my heart
This sound is not the pleasure of the legs
It is a welcome of a wave of heaviness.

I dread the power in the thumb
Great like the claim of the least body part
The man with the face of broken eggs
Is smiling a victorious lightness..

The broom is as strong as a plough
The umbrella writhes in pain and rain sick
The crave of hope is of the finest of gold
And braze to this sway and slope.

My legs are shaking now
This is not music but a shivering music
It is hot and inside is a cold
My dread is the tale of victory and hope.

Ayoola Goodness ©2015