THE TRUTH (by Miranda Ogboru)

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The Truth

Let go of your erroneous concepts
And heed these words!

Like the Northern star,
The Truth is always constant,
Absolute, unwavering, wholesome, unending!

The Truth stands aloof, alone,
Seeking no congregation,
Perhaps recognition.

….Not for itself,
But for the seekers good.

Its language is universal,
Always pleasing to the ears of Him,
The Giver of life.

The truth seeks no army,
To champion its course,
No weapons to crush the opposition,
Being self-sufficient to its battles.

It whispers to the consciences yet alive,
And to the dead, it bears no grudge.
It strikes a chord in the individual,
And the alluring melody resounds,
“Am I really found in you?

It wears No cassock, No turbans
No religious garbs, No political slogans
No age, No sex, no race!

If there be any of you
That knows not the truth,
Sheath your sword.

Then ask yourself;
Am I a sign post for the truth?
Or am I living to deny of it,
A mercenary for the opposition!?

meet the poet: Miranda Ogboru

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