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Marvel not, that she stares from that beauteous gaudy slate,
my savvy shot did snap her cute
and those Pavlovian smiles
married to her sparkling teeth
can spur the dullest moron to smile.
Upon that gorgeous bod the ferment of my bravura stirs
and those courteous smiles
think some vicious content lies?
As her modest portrait is
so her gilded inner mind.
Think some slanderous rots spew those parted lips?
From those tamed lips some verities proceed.

Debby! Debby! Debby!
A lark once chirped from her window sill.
She said she loved those egrets that perched like wools on an acacia tree
and so my poem answered my mistress’ call.
Please you touch that dot on her dimpled cheek?
On that same spot my inky pen stopped its scribbling kiss.

Some faces do retard my artistic brawn
but not so with that refulgent brow
upon which some suitors splurged their Rabelaisian urge.
But the politics of my pen had spoiled their games
and in wooing her she freely in love her quid pro quo.

Think she gurgles some whistling speech from those silky lips?
Think her pruned lustrous lids do wink for writer’s might?
Think her lashes dislodge the boredom in me?
Think her nose beckons a celestial touch?
Think her hair not her lustre lost?
Think her teeth reserve the sheen intact?
Think her collar casts some hope on those effeminate pads?
Mind u still the backdrop grey against which she sits demure.

Every blessed day comes with hope and woe
but those boring days when woe darns the clouds
upon those smiles my hope does rest for the next blessed days.

Written by: Olayiwola Olarewaju Metamofosis
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson
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