Read Time:1 Minute, 5 Second [The Palace Bandit]
Fear is a possession I no longer own:
I shall be motivated by courage to reap what they’ve sown
For chaos is a lonely traveler in a desert,
A hungry beast that’s seated and served a dessert
In a forest where hustles and bustles are deforested
By dying farmers who live to grow what they’ve harvested.

I shall not hold my peace against the children of Belial
For they’ve withheld our tribute and denied their denial
And shall I, the son of Robin not hood the king
And rape his treasury, my victory song sing?

I’ve slept on trees,
Drank from seas,
Felt the torture of the harmattan,
Ate roasted rabbits with ogogoro- no Manhattan!
Not that which drunks the king to another round,
Whose feces would not aid a corn from the ground.

Tonight, I rob the cruel crown
Lock you the gates, the windows shut down,
My flight would find the roof
And I shall to his basement hoof.
Go tell his knights to sharpen their blades,
My band tell to set the grenades.

The king tonight shall be overthrown-
The land shall be ours even the throne!

Written by: Eyo Justice Ellis
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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