Read Time:1 Minute, 0 Second [The Other Book]
It was dawn already
Before my books, my lamp dims
My ears and eyes weak
My brother lay near, snoring

It came slowly, I saw it straight ahead
A light, one so bright
I can’t put up a fight, or shade, or hide
Only to stand and gaze, pale

A lady like Madonna in silk
Oh no, so tempting and dashing
Her gown like glass, flashy
Suddenly, the place is new
I stand in a queue, far from the front
No faces that marks my race
And there were two gates

My turn at the gate
Open as she’s about to,
A shout came from beneath;
“The other book is his
He has no case to attest
But to fall in the pit!”

The heat burns with no smoke
The path is strewn with bodies
Smoke from burnt flesh in the air

I feel pain in my face
As I was thrown into the flames
Then I woke up sweating
From the rays of the rising sun
Which caught me right in the eye!

Written by: Matthew Gokum
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson